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About Us

At Dada Tiles we recognise that your homes is a haven from the busy world, somewhere to relax and feel comfortable, surrounded by the things that are important to you, not just personal belongings and furniture, but the colours, shapes and textures that comfort you.

The kitchen is the central hub of any household and bathrooms are our own very personal space. At Dada Tiles we understand the need to feel relaxed and comfortable in our unique personal environments, amongst designs and styles that say something about us.

That’s why we stock a vast range of tiles in every colour, shape, texture and material available, from all over the world. We have the biggest new showroom in Australia displaying a huge range of tiles for every purpose, ensuring something for everyone’s unique and individual taste.

Tiling is an ancient craft which has been developed to a sophisticated technological standard while at the same time retaining the unique cultural aspects of this time honoured versatile decorative material.

We’re based in Minchinbury in outer western Sydney, just a short drive from the major centres of Blacktown and Parramatta and an easy drive from just about anywhere in Sydney and surrounds. Our customers come to us from long distances away because they know they will find the quality and range that they need to fulfil their unique individual vision for their home decorating projects.

Our tilers apply a high standard of qualified expertise in every job the undertake, providing you with a guarantee of satisfaction with the results.

We know how important it is to find the right tiles for your special project, to complement your interior decorative style and provide a result that will add vitality and beauty to any space. We also know how time consuming the search can be, so at Dada Tiles we’ve brought together a unique range of high quality tiles in designs and colours you won’t find anywhere else. We take a very personal and professional interest in exploring and sourcing tiles of diverse and unique styles from international tile makers producing the highest quality products from all around the world.

We understand the complex technologies and processes that are utilised in making the best quality modern tiles.

Our staff are knowledgeable experts in the industry and are thus able to advise you on the right product for the purpose. We can introduce you to a wider range of tiles sourced outside Australia which will inspire you to create your ideal space.

At Dada Tiles we strive to present the most eclectic range of the best tiles sourced from all over the world at the best possible price.

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